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This website utilized a number of resources in the Creative Commons to create the counties and railroads that visualize the historical United States around the year 1916. These files are therefore shared-alike by auut studio under a Creative Commons license:

You can use or re-mix these files for your homework, school report, classroom, or any other non-commerical use if you give credit and link to — and are willing to share any new version you make in the same manner.

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Sized to 11x17" (landscape). License for use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

Map highlighting Black victims (for years 1881-1964)   download PDF

Map highlighting victims of Mexican origin (for years 1849-1964)   download PDF

Map highlighting Native American victims (for years 1835-1964)   download PDF

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License for use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

This is a table in CSV format containing one centroid coordinate (latitude/longitude in WGS84 datum) for every historical US county in the contiguous 48 states during the era of lynching used on this website. Each time the borders of a particular county changed over time, there is a separate centroid calculated in this list. The calculation of a geographic centroid was done by auut studio using a geoprocessing algorithm the considered the boundaries on a spherical earth, not planimetric according to any particular projection.

This table is a derivative work from the GIS files of the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, who provide them under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 2.5.   download

License for use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

This is a shapefile of polylines that define the internal boundaries of the US counties in the contiguous 48 states as of December 31, 1916. However, this file does not contain the shoreline or international borders of the United States. These lines are a derivative work from the polygons of the same shape which had already been generalized to 0.001 degree, provided by the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 2.5. This file is adequate for displaying the county boundaries of 1916 on a map when viewed at scales up to 1:300,000.

MonroeWorkToday Dataset Compilation v.1.1   data sample   view metadata

At this time, the expanded dataset of lynching and other mob violence is not available for download, but a sample (approx. 100 records) can be downloaded from the link above in order to examine its schema. Researchers may request access from auut studio in support of a responsible research project. Please fill out this form for more information:


MonroeWorkToday Dataset Compilation v.1.0   view metadata

The original dataset of this project for all lynching deaths has been returned to Tuskegee University Archives and, subject to the Archive’s discretion, has been made available in PDF format in their collection of "022 Lynching Information". Version 1.0 integrates all of the corrected details from modern scholarship into the inventory of 1882-1964 lynchings that was compiled by Monroe Work and his successors at the historic Tuskegee Institute.

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